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 Nothing better than the smell of freshly popped butter popcorn to make your event memorable.   Boomerang Bouncers makes it easy with our popcorn machine.   It features a large 6 oz. kettle designed to retain heat and gives you nice even temperature for each batch.    We include 3 mega-packs (2-part pack of kernels, seasoning and oil)  and serving bags with each rental with the option of purchasing additional meag-packs to ensure you have enough for your event.  Each mega-pack is pre-measured for the kettle and makes it simple to make perfect batch.  We even buy back any unused mega-packs so you don't have to guess and end up with a huge bag of kernels.    The popcorn machine is a table top design and it is suggested  to use a dedicated circuit for power.

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Product Dimensions

Length 18"

Height 36"

Width 15"